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The Cooper Hill Stylebook MLA Handbook (Research Paper) The St. Martin’s Handbook Writing & Thinking The Bedford Handbook
Apostrophe* apostrophe** Apostrophes*** Apostrophe**** Apostrophes*****
   for contractions    for contractions    6 entries †    to form possessive         4 entries†
   for omitted number    for plurals of letters    to indicate joint possession
   for pluralizing    for possessives    to show omission
        abbreviations    with proper nouns    to form plurals
        letters    omitted in business
        numbers         titles & geographic names
        words used as words
   for possessives
        of common nouns
        of compound nouns
        of joint property
        of proper nouns
   functions of
        in formal writing
        placement with -s or -x endings
        to avoid sibilance

* 3rd edition, p. 510
** 5th edition, p. 297
*** 7th edition, p. 921
†   permission denied for display of actual material
**** expanded edition, pp. 435-36
*****9th edition, p. Index 5