For SATs and ACTs


 What Test Takers Say

StudentOnly“The entire SAT writing section seems based directly on The Stylebook.” — Amanda Kaletsky, University of Delaware

The Stylebook’s examples made it easy to recognize and avoid the traps on the ACT. Parallel construction, when to use who and whom, pronoun-antecedent agreement, misplaced modifiers, whatever the English section threw at me, I was able to catch.”
— David Khondkarian, University of Connecticut

 “For the SATs I found the grammar section especially useful. My scores went up by 200 points.”
— Yulia Zektser, UCLA Medical School


The Stylebook was a life saver on the ACTs. It was like having a road map or a GPS guide me through the English and Reading tests.”
 — Dan Hecht, Regional District 5, CT