Empowers Students and Teachers

Why The Stylebook?

Empowers students to become self-teachers

Creates independent learners

Makes revision easy

Frees teachers to teach instead of correct 





  • Hyperlinks to chapters that explain the errors.
  • FAQ at the start of each chapter defines all terms simply and clearly.
  • Examples illustrate the problem, and comments explain each example.
  • Exercises at the end of chapters provide needed practice.
  • Hyperlinked answers give instant feedback to exercises.
  • Every corrected answer is preceded by an explanation of the error.
  • Complete set of answers and explanations at the end of every unit
  • Most informative Index available.

How to correct writing errors?

  1. Type the error name or number into the Search window.

Click the thumbnails for a §24 error.

  1. Read the faq at the top for definitions and explanations.
  1. Take a shortcut to the examples.
  1. Practice a few of the exercises, and check your answers.