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“Probably the most useful and well-organized manual that I have read, The Cooper Hill Stylebook is a must read for any writer from the high school level and beyond who wants to improve their writing. Areas covered include Grammar, Usage, Structure and Sense, Rhetorical Fallacies (try to find that in most revision books), Rhetorical Figures, Spelling, Capitalization, Abbreviations, Punctuation, Quotations, Citations, and Documentation. The book contains a thousand exercises and answers along with complete explanations for the correct answer. If you want to write immaculately, persuasively, and with style, then this is the best guide available to learn how to do just that. It takes a technical subject and makes it very user friendly — a highly recommended read.”
— The Midwest Book Review.

“I will tell you right now that I love the book and am using it every day. As soon as I can, I will order more because more department members want to start using it.”
— June Davison, English Department Chair ret., Valley Regional High School, CT


“I wanted to write and tell you how valuable and magnificent your Stylebook has been to my work. […] Now are you planning to have this great book available on the computer? It would be an invaluable resource to have.”
— Karen Dugan, North Attleboro, MA


“Thanks to your fantastic book I’ve been placed in a sophomore English class with only two other freshmen.”
—Nancy Marie Spagnolo, Marymount College of Fordham University


“This is one of the best books on writing and revision I’ve ever seen. I got my own copy so I could write in it and do the exercises…brushing up to return to school. Writing essays is a weak spot for me, and I know this book is going to help me.”
—Tina K. Fusco (Review on Amazon.com)


“I wish I had had this book years ago when I first started teaching freshman writing. It will be the standard handbook for my students from now on.”
—Yael Halevi-Wise, McGill University


The Stylebook strikes a very practical balance between teacher instruction and student self-help. The explanations are clear and accessible, and the exercises eliminate the need for constant reinforcement by teachers.”
—Harold Freedman, English Department Chair ret., Amity Regional High School, CT


“An educational rarity […] a good read! Here is something of value for writers of every stripe: high school, university, and beyond.”
—Dorothea Braginsky, Fairfield University


“A great tool for any college writer. The book covers everything from improving writing efficiency to spotting and correcting rhetorical fallacies. The index makes the book accessible for research. A really handy guide and reference.”
— Del, on amazon.com


“Most Excellent! The Stylebook is the only book I will faithfully go by from the end of high school, to college, to graduate school, to life. The Stylebook is also the only grammar/writing book I’m able to read and not fall asleep.”
—Zhang, on amazon.com


The Stylebook is the only writing reference book you will need to own. Not only does it cover completely mechanics, punctuation, tricky spellings, and confusing word pairs, but also it covers the fine art of logical thinking, a skill absolutely necessary for cogent writing. It is easy to use. Exercises are amusing and interesting, and answers are explained clearly. I feel comfortable grabbing this book for a quick reference. Previous ponderous tomes inspired intimidation. The section on logical thinking is invaluable, and usually missing from other books I have used. What a treasure The Stylebook is.”
— Aunt D, on amazon.com


“I am studying English at Cornell University, and was looking for a book to help me hone my writing skills. This book answers even the most nitpicky questions about grammar and sentence structure. A valuable resource for any writer.”
— jackmike1, on amazon.com