Bonus Bank

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typing_web4 Teacher In-service Practice Sets

  • 4 Instructional practice sets for additional in-service training
  • Hands-on in-service training quickly familiarizes teachers with the Stylebook
  • 75 exercises in each practice set (a total of 300 free exercises)
  • Answers include explanations of both correct and incorrect responses
  • All corrections cross-referenced to Stylebook chapters
  • Clarify grammar problems even for grammar experts
  • Enable any teacher or a department chair to run the sessions

60 Student Multiple-Choice Tests

  • Multiple-choice tests organized by chapters in the Stylebook
  • 600+ ready-made exercise questions for practice, quizzes, tests
  • Convenient answer sheet
  • Every answer cross-referenced to a Stylebook chapter
  • Perfect for student practice, and for tests and quizzes